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1 separation resulting from hostility [syn: alienation]
2 the feeling of being alienated from other people [syn: alienation, disaffection]

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  1. The act of alienating.
  2. The state of being alien.

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Estrangement () is the sixth album by the Ukrainian black metal band Drudkh, released in August 2007. The album, which was previously known under the title River of Tears, had been rumoured to have a "Burzumic" feel before its release, and in some ways this was borne out by the album's release. Its songs were in many ways significantly more minimalistic than those on Blood in Our Wells, and its structure perhaps intentionally mirrored that of Forgotten Legends. (It also featured the band's first prominent use of blast beats since The Swan Road). As a result, some fans hailed it as a return to the band's roots; nonetheless, the increased emphasis on soloing managed to please many fans of Blood in Our Wells as well.

Track listing

  1. Самітня Нескінченна Тропа [Solitary Endless Path] - 10:54
  2. Небо у Наших Ніг [Skies at Our Feet] - 10:42
  3. Там, Де Закінчуються Обрії [Where Horizons End] - 10:52
  4. Тільки Вітер Пам'ятає Моє Ім'я [Only the Wind Remembers My Name] - 3:58

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